Sunday, April 29, 2018

April Meeting Review!

without a doubt, Marilyn has been a fantastic teacher whenever she is asked (or volunteers!) She never fails to teach everyone something new in a way that is easy to understand and without making it feel complicated or impossible for anyone in our little group to try and tackle a new technique.

At our last meeting she demonstrated how to work with variegated yarns to pool the colors intentionally with the hope of creating a color work design that looks beautiful!

Below I have abbreviated her presentation a bit, share some photos of her projects, and share the link to the planned pooling website for you to use as a tool or guide to help you planned pool your next project!

Planned Pooling – Create fun Patterns with Variegated yarn 

Review of A presentation By Marilyn Bryan for Clicks and Sticks

Yarn Selection Tips:
 Each color at least 6” in length
Hand dipped yarn is a good choice
If color is too short, combine with neighboring color!

Determine Color Sequence:

            Pick first full color in skein

       Lay out subsequent colors in pools
Here we have 4 colors: Fuchsia, Coral, Purple, Green

Measure length of color, 1st, 2nd, 3rd instance
 Is length of fuchsia the same throughout the skein?
 Do this measurement for the other colors.

                                                                                                         Make a Swatch
Cast on 40 stitches with  needle size planned for the project.

On first knit row, start at the very  beginning of first color in sequence.
Count number of stitches for each color  through 4 instances.
Use removable stitch markers at the  beginning of color count.
Record counts on paper and compute average.
Finish your swatch; did you make gauge?

Input colors &  average stitches per color

 Enter stitches in row
Select Type of knitting

 Select best pattern for project

 PRISM Yarn; Delicato

   Same Thing Only Different’, by Cheryl Schumer

Baby In vertebrae Jacket

Think about continuation of pattern for your project. only displays number of stitches by same number of rows.
The start row on pattern diagram is always at the top with the first stitch at upper left.
I knitted beyond the displayed 40 rows, without readjusting yarn to start of first color sequence on row 41.
The 41st row did not synchronize well with the first row pattern, so the yarn laughed!

One Last Thing

I will be adding a few things the blog and trying harder to make sure that it stays up to date and current. My goal is to build up an events page sharing photos of things we do together, as well as adding a page dedicated to the projects our guild members do for charity donations. 

Lets all improve together and always Knit On!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

June Meeting and Sock KAL kick off!


I would like to start by sharing some of the retreat photos I have accumulated from our trip in April.
A walk to the Falls at Amicalola
Strings and Stitches!

All in all it was a wonderful trip with wonderful ladies!


Have you ever made socks, if not are you ready to try your hand at them? Carol taught us how to start and make magic loop socks on circular needles this month. want to learn more? Keep reading!

Carol started off by teaching us a new cast on to try that will help make the cuffs of your socks more elastic like. It was called the Old Norwegian, or German cast on, here is a quick video to help you out if you are interested in trying it out! I love it personally, once i got the hang of it, I could tell that it was going to be a great stretchy cast on for sock cuffs!

Carol also had quite a few examples of socks that she has made throughout the years, and was full of information about the anatomy of a sock, from cuff, to leg, to heel, gusset and on! 

The next thing that she taught everyone was how to do the Magic loop method to work your sock, this is great for knitters like myself who find double pointed needles can be pesky, or for others who may find themselves to be unable to use them for other reasons. below will be one more decent video of someone using the magic loop technique!

I hope everyone enjoys knitting their socks and i can't wait to see them! feel free to email me pictures as you work them up so that i can share your progress on the Socks KAL link of the blog. I will try to keep it updated regularly with any new information or tutorials that is passed down the grapevine!


I think this has become my favorite part of the blog, I absolutely LOVE to see and learn about what everyone else has made. I also love to share my own projects with the guild of course! 

Even one of our newest members had something to share! 

A wonderful little sweater!

Melissa says if you ask her to knit you a sweater this is what you're going to get! HAHA!

Charity Blankets for NICU babies

another NICU Blanket

and another!

Here we have a Baby Blanket for Pam's upcoming grand baby!

Becca's (that's me!) Mandala vest for her daughter!

Ethel's Gorgeous Shawl from the pattern and yarn she purchased on the retreat.

Marilyn modeling her newest sweater creation.

We have so many wonderful and talented people in our guild, I can't wait to see what everyone has to share next month!

Monday, April 17, 2017

April Meeting!

So, what can you learn from a swatch?

Betsy taught us that you can learn quite a bit! It was interesting to see some of her example work on how different things looked. how to color pool, your project's size, and how to figure out what size needles you should use for a project. It was all very interesting and very informative.

.  Swatches aren’t just for gauge but as Betsy said curiosity… the “what if” factor as well.  All of the samples that we were able to look at and feel where a great help to really see the potential for different yarns stitches and colors. It was wonderful to feel the difference between washed and unwashed linen fabric, and see an obvious difference in a blocked and unblocked swatch for lace or cables. even seeing things like what colors work well together when you actually knit them up not just when you see them in a picture online, or in the store together. It is a great way to be inspired and find a way to make a project you are unsure of come together!  Hats off to Betsy for such a great class and all of the hard work she put into her swatches.

Thank You Betsy for teaching us!

The Yearly Retreat!

Who else can't wait to go on the retreat and have some relaxing time knitting and visiting local yarn shops?! Most of us will be leaving for Ellijay on the 27th and we will be coming home on the 30th. 
I know that this is going to be a great and fun trip, and the view from the house that we have rented is going to be stunning! 

Knitting 101

We had a decent turn out at knitting 101, and Robin did a fantastic job heading the class. 
Everyone did a good job and had a lot of fun helping people learn how to cast on do the knit stitch and bind off! 

Melissa even had an older couple that challenged each other to learn how to knit.

Looking Ahead

We have some great programs coming up to learn new things soon. At May's meeting Denise will be teaching us information on how to read a Ball Band. She will be going over things like what the symbols mean pertaining to everything from what needle or hook size you need to obtain gauge; to washing and ironing instructions Keep your eyes peeled and check back regularly as Denise starts sending me links and information for the next guild meeting's class. She said she would be emailing me links to some information that would be good to have printed and to bring with you for the next meeting.

Thursday Night Knit Nights

It's always enjoyable to meet up with a few friends from the guild and knit together while having a nice cup of coffee or tea. Come and join us for good conversation, or maybe some help with a project.  Here are the dates and locations for the next few gatherings.

April 20 Barnes & Noble
April 27 Alcove
May 4 Grayson Coffee Shop
May 18 Barnes & Noble
May 25 Alcove

Show and tell

There were no pictures taken of peoples show and tell projects this month, but there were quite a few wonderful projects to see. Everything from a cute baby outfit and  little bunnies to wonderful shawls. it is always a lot of fun to see what everyone is working on.

Charity Knitting

Beth says she needs a few more square to finish up the last of the NICU blankets. also she has passed along a few pattern handouts for ideas. if you have an idea for a charity knitting project send Beth or myself the patterns so that we can link to them on the charity knitting section of the blog or share your ideas at the meetings. It is wonderful to make a small trifle or trinket that you know will bring comfort joy and love to someone who might need the small blessing.

Monday, March 13, 2017

March Meeting!

I hope everyone enjoyed learning about seaming techniques from either Carol or myself at the last guild meeting! 

ACC Show Atlanta

SEFAA was still looking for volunteers to help at the ACC craft show booth they are sponsoring this weekend. Remember if you go and volunteers for 3 hours you get free admission to the event! I will be volunteering on Sunday with Tracy, so if you come to the show but don't volunteer please stop by and say hi!

They still have a few volunteer slots free, Volunteer at this website!

Charity Knitting

Beth has been busy doing research on guild charity knitting ideas.  I have a few detail and patterns that she shared at the meeting on thursday for things we can all be making. I will post these under the charity knitting link in the next day or so as soon as i get everything together.

Show and Tell!

Pam sporting her new cowl!

Donna and her latest shawl! Beautiful colorwork! 

Robin's Gorgeous cloche hat! 

Jane modeling the hat for us HEHE

Guild Library! 

Are you looking for a great way to help out the guild? Harriett would like to step down from handling the guilds Library and we are looking for a volunteer to take over her position. It includes a slot on the board. Please contact a board member if you are interested

I know it was brief this month, but that's all I have for now! I will be making another entry after  I get back from my shift volunteering at the ACC show!

Monday, February 13, 2017

It's The February KAL!!!!!

Its finally here everyone! this weeks meeting was all about the guilds KAL and the Chinese waitress cast on. This month instead of writing a whole article for the post guild meeting blog i am just going to post the instructional video for the cast on that Marilyn sent me and her tutorial that has been prepared for everyone that still may have questions, or couldn't make the guild meeting. 

I will also be posting this article and video over on the KAL page for easier access. 

Marilyns KAL Article!

We had a great Guild meeting last night!  I so enjoyed seeing everyone's color picks for the KAL.

Here is a review of the steps to accomplish your moebius cast on for the Across the Earth scarf:

1.  You need circular needles with at LEAST a 32" cable.  I eventually went with a 60" cable to handle my heavier weight yarn.

2.  Put the needles together and do the cast on of your choice over both needles.  I'm using the Chinese Waitress cast on, but you can do any cast on (Long-Tail, knit-on, etc) that you desire.

3. After you've cast on 240 stitches, pull one needle out and form a circle.  Let one needle 'dangle' as you form a new stitch between each cast on stitch.  When you reach the end of the row, notice that your cable has formed a double loop and you are ready to place your beginning of round marker to start knitting.

This last picture shows the center back of your scarf.  Notice how the back-meets-front with the Chinese cast on to the right and the reverse side on the left.  Remember to place the beginning of round marker now before you start knitting.  On row One, knit half way around and then finish the round with purl, to center you cast on evenly in the center of the scarf.  When you hit the marker again (480 stitches), you're ready for round Two.  Again work the knitted stitches and wraps half way around and then switch to purl stitches and wraps to finish the round.

Row 3 is where you start with your Color B (for me that's purple).  You'll complete all of the rest of the rounds repeating Row 3 - Row 10 until your scarf is the width that you want.  You will do complete rounds for each knit or purl row -- no need to switch to another method half way around, because your cast on is already centered.

Happy knitting!  I plan to be at the Guild Thursday night knit-nights so if you have any questions or need help, I'll be glad to assist!  Marilyn

Chinese waitress cast on

Charity Knitting

To finish out this post I have a photo of the wonderful donations that Beth received for charity.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Welcome to the New Year

Hello Everyone! I hope your holidays were wonderful, and everyone is excited for a new year with the guild! We have a lot going on in the coming months and its all very exciting, but  first I want to start off today by giving a shout out to everyone who has been working on charity knitting for Beth! 

We are still working on squares for baby blankets! and Beth has said that everyone please work on anything you would like that you believe she can put towards a  good cause! please feel free to let Beth know if you have any ideas for charity projects!

For such a small organization we contribute a fair amount to the community and this is a great

Guild Knit In

I hope everyone is excited to attend this years guild knit in on the 21st, it will be a lot of fun to visit with everyone and enjoy some good company for a Saturday afternoon! The guild board will be providing BBQ  and everyone is asked to try and bring a side dish if the are able to do so! 

Looking ahead to Febuary

I hope everyone is looking forward to next months KAL that will be headed up by Marilyn!
Reminder to all that we will be doing the around the world cowl pattern available for free download on ravelry. Have your DK weight yarn ready to go! We will be learning a new cast on at the guild meeting next month to kick off the KAL. The cast on is called the Chinese waitress cast on and I will be posting a video of the tutorial after the meeting in February. also be sure to look at the KAL section of the blog page for a few sample swatches and a quick color wheel tutorial to help you choose your colors if you haven't already done so.

Also it has been mentioned that maybe we should try and look into knitting at a few local coffee shops soon. It would be a wonderful way to support small businesses in our area!  and oersonally I ca never say no to a great cup of coffee or tea! 

January Show and tell

At the last meeting a few of our members had some very nice things to show everyone! 
I thought it would be a good way to end out the entry this month with some photos of the things they had to show!

Here we have Kathy in her reversible sweater vest! 

Donna wowed everyone with her wonderfully stunning shawl! Not pictured here is a hat that we would love to have her do a program on at a future guild meeting! 

I can't wait to see everyone at the next meeting and look forward to everything we have planned for the year!


Friday, December 9, 2016

Our First Post!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first post on the Clicks and Sticks Knitting Guild's blog. I hope everyone enjoys the forthcoming Articles and KAL events that we will be posting for my fellow guild mates, and for anyone out there interested in our little guild.

Since I don't have much of interest gathered up to post just yet I suppose I'll start by sharing some pictures of Bridget's knitted gingerbread house that she shared with everyone last night at our holiday gathering. 

It's the cutest idea for any house with kids visiting for Christmas!

Such a great amount of work, I'll bet her grandkids love playing with this!

 It was wonderful to share great food and conversations with everyone who was able to attend last night, and I think we all had a great time playing our Ornament Exchange game. The story that Melissa told was cute, and she did a wonderful job writing it!

In our next post I will be getting ready to start sharing all of the information that Marilyn has for us on the color wheel, and how to effectively choose colors for our KAL projects!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all, I can't wait to see everyone next year!